7 Days to Die Compilation Video

So, I made a compilation video of some cool moments from my gameplay of 7 Days to Die. I’m not going to spoil the video, watch it for yourself up

Web Hosting and Domain Names

So, I recently renewed my website here. It was cheap. Just barely over $3 a month, I paid up for the next year, as this website is kind of useful

Projects, Projects, and More Projects

Hi! I have so many ideas for projects, it’s not even funny. Seriously, I don’t even know if I could finish them all. In any case, I’ll be busy working

I’m still here! [Update: 2016 March 10]

Yes, I’m still here. I have not abandoned my website. I’ve been focusing on streaming more recently, and I’ve really had nothing good to talk about here. So, I just


I have a GameWisp page! Yes, you can support me over there, and 75% goes to ExtraLife! Here’s the link to go show your support for ExtraLife and myself! #Twitch


Whoop! I did it! 10k Twitter total impressions in the past 28 days! This is awesome! I’ve been tweeting screenshots of my gameplay, with loads of hashtags, and with the

CLICK HERE NOW!!!! (Click bait is Stupid)

Well, click bait is just plain stupid. It might generate a ton of page clicks and views, but in the long term, all you get is a shit ton of

How to make it BIG on Twitch! ( ͡° _ʖ ͡°)

Well, now that you clicked the link, I have some unfortunate news for you. It’s not easy. It’s a slow grind. It is extremely fun, though! So, here are some

RIP PlayMindcrack

Here’s the banner. It’s showing as “offline”. Well, it was a fun server while it lasted, and now it’s official. It’s gone. Gone like a freight-train, gone like yesterday Gone