Find out how to get the best quality streams! Optimizing OBS – [Open Broadcaster Software]

Alright, I’ve been putting this off way too long, time to get right into it! Let’s discuss how to get the quality streams and recordings without killing your CPU. First


Big update! I officially incorporated my own business! What does this mean for you? More content, more streams, more videos, more, more, more! What does this mean for me? I

Starbucks employee calls coffee dirt you won’t believe what happens next!!!

I don’t actually have a story for this, but some guy who works for Starbucks in a Discord channel I’m in said this. True story. This rumor was first said


So, Steam is currently offering their summer sale. I decided to pick up a few games I’ve been wanting, so here’s what I got. Fallout 4 [50% off, from $59.99

E3 Thoughts

I didn’t go to E3, but I do have opinions on what happened there. I’ll be straight up honest and say I didn’t watch everything, so I may not have


Yes, you read it right. I have my very own subreddit now! There’s not much there right now, but I plan on keeping it updated and ready to grow. Go

NEW STUFF! NEW MOBS! NEW BLOCKS! AUTO JUMP! Minecraft! Snapshot 16w20a!

So, I check out some new stuff in the new Minecraft Snapshot 16w20a, and, needless to say, there’s already quite a bit of new and exciting stuff included in it!


Hi! So, I created my own livestream, let’s call it, system. It’s not a platform at all, really. (Ha ha, made ya click!) I use to stream to both


Well, I can’t think of anything to write. Now, if I had of went to PAX East this year, I would have plenty of stuff to write about. In fact,

Google Made Me Search Anal

So. I wanted to go to my Google Analytics account. The website for this is “”. I frequent this site, so usually all I have to do is type the