Stream Schedule?

First of all, I can’t promise any times for streaming. I’ll try and stream as often as possible, but I do want to state what times I should be able

Internet issues

Well, my internet is pure torture for me right now…. I can barely connect to a Minecraft server, let alone stream. Everything seems to load fine, it’s just horribly unstable,

Writing posts

I should write posts more often. I would, if I could either: a) think of something good enough to write about, or b) had an interesting enough life to write

New laptop

I’ve been thinking of buying a new laptop lately to upgrade my 2.5 year old MacBook Air. It’s a great laptop, and works awesome, but it’s about time for something

Twitch & Youtube

So, I really want to get started on streaming to Twitch and making Youtube videos. I haven’t had much time or a good internet connection to do either. Basically, my

Blog posts?

I should probably use this new found opportunity, with a free website, to, you know, post blog posts. I’ll probably post at least 1 a day, if I have anything

The New Site

So, I found was having a free domain name special, so I of course took advantage of that! Now I have my username that I use everywhere, NateSnowstorm, as