I’m Live!

Here you can watch when I’m live, or watch any of my previous livestream! Enjoy! (I’ll leave this up permanently, since I’m too lazy to change it each time 😛

10 Ways to Drink More Water

1:Fill your cup more. 2:FIll it a little more 3:Drink it. 4:Fill it up a little more. 5:Drink it. 6:Fill it up even more. 7:Drink it. 8:Drink more? 9:Add some

Discord’s New Guidelines

So, Discord recently added a new “Guidelines” for their service. A lot of what’s in there I actually agree with, but there are some concerns regarding it. I’ll go through

AdWords Campaign

So, over the past few days, I’ve been playing around with AdWords campaigns for my YouTube videos. So far, I’d say the campaign was pretty good success. For what I

How to auto post YouTube videos AND YouTube live streams  to Discord. (Using Zapier)
How to auto post YouTube videos AND YouTube live streams to Discord. (Using Zapier)

UPDATE! This not only works for video uploads, but it also works for LIVE streams! All right, this guide will go through all the steps to auto post your YouTube


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SUCK IT! You tried, you really tried, but this website is *not* hackable. Give up. You can’t do it. Anyway, my WordPress blog is locked down like Fort Knox. Here’s

Find out how to get the best quality streams! Optimizing OBS – [Open Broadcaster Software]

Alright, I’ve been putting this off way too long, time to get right into it! Let’s discuss how to get the quality streams and recordings without killing your CPU. First


Big update! I officially incorporated my own business! What does this mean for you? More content, more streams, more videos, more, more, more! What does this mean for me? I

Starbucks employee calls coffee dirt you won’t believe what happens next!!!

I don’t actually have a story for this, but some guy who works for Starbucks in a Discord channel I’m in said this. True story. This rumor was first said